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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

August 11, 2008
I have a drinking problem for the past 15-20 years. After undergoing acupuncture and some herbal treatment from Dr. Jin, it has been very good, and it seems to be making good progress. ~C. M.


August 15, 2002
I have had difficulties with allergies since childhood, but lately it's been getting worse, medications make me drowsy and have tried other traditional therapies with no success. So I finally  decided to look up the phone book for an experienced acupuncturist, and found Dr. Jin at Ace Acupuncture. I thought I should give a him a try to see if I could be helped. Three weeks into the treatment course, I find myself much less allergic (about 90%)  than before, and I credit all this to Acupuncture and Dr. Jin especially. Thanks again! ~L. S.


April 7, 2008
I have on and off allergies (seasonal) and sinus problems for many years. I was skeptical that  acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine would work for me but I went for a try anyway, figuring if it didn't work, I would just quit the treatment. To my surprise, the treatments worked very well, I have noticed much improvement. I have not had to take any prescription antihistamines in over 1 week. I have not been able to this in years. Thank you for your excellent work, Dr. Jin! ~S. N.


August 15, 2002
I have had difficulties with allergies since childhood, but lately it's been getting worse, medications make me drowsy and have tried other traditional therapies with no success. So I finally  decided to look up the phone book for an experienced acupuncturist, and found Dr. Jin at Ace Acupuncture. I thought I should give a him a try to see if I could be helped. Three weeks into the treatment course, I find myself much less allergic (about 90%)  than before, and I credit all this to Acupuncture and Dr. Jin especially. Thanks again! ~L. S.


May 7, 2007
I am a chronic allergy and sinusitis suffer, its worse during the spring times, but I just seem to always have nasal problems, whether it is sneezing, congestions or drainage.  After hearing that acupuncture can help allergies, I sought out Dr. Jin because of his high reputation as a Chinese doctor in the area, and it has been a good experience so far, the treatment seem to be working,. This is my first time experience acupuncture and I hope to continue this path of healing until I am fully recovered. ~T. P.


June 10, 2006
I was suffering endless anxiety attacks for over 10 years, but after acupuncture, my anxiety attacks are much less, thanks for a job well-done!   ~ R. J.


November 28, 2008
I've been having panic attacks and anxiety disorders for the last 4-5 years after the passing of my husband. Sometimes the attacks would come 3-4x a day, after receiving acupuncture and taking some nice formulated Chinese herbal teas from Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, I find that my nervous balance has returned to normal and there are much less panic attacks. I believe the progress is going well, and I plan to finish my treatment plan and have a great 2009   ~ L. R.


May 12, 2009
I was diagnosed as diplopia and anxiety disorders about 3 years ago, after undergoing 1 course of acupuncture (10 sessions), I can honestly say I have much balanced Central Nervous System and calm mood. The scheduling was easy and pleasant staff all over, I will be sure to come back for tune--ups.  ~M.O.


January 21, 2003
One night my heart started beating very fast and my chest felt tight. I got really scared, and I went to the emergency room. This was not the first time that I had an irregular heart beat, but it was by far the worst. The doctors told me that prescription drugs would not work for my condition because my heart went too fast and then too slow. If the condition doesn't get any better, all they can do is install a pacemaker. I felt like I was too young for a pacemaker. I went to see Dr. Jin, and he said that we could try acupuncture and herbal medicine first. About ten minutes after Dr. Jin inserted the needles, I felt a pleasant, rippling sensation that moved from my upper arms into my chest. My breathing became easier. By the end of the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed. Dr. Jin also prescribed me with some natural herbs, and I soon felt better. After about 2 months of treatments, my fear of having another attack of arrhythmia was gone.   ~ J. S.


ARTHRITIS (rheumatoid):

January 23, 2004
Thank you so very much for your expertise in bringing my leg & hips back to normal. They have not bothered me since my last visit with you, I am getting along just fine and I am appreciate all of your help!  ~ R. G.


ARTHRITIS (acute):
November 13, 2003
I had acute arthritis in my knee about 6 months ago. There was redness all over the knee and it was swollen badly. It was so painful that I could hardly walk or stand. I went to see Dr. Jin and the experts at Ace Acupuncture. After the first treatment, my condition improved greatly. The swelling and redness was much less the second day, as was with the pain. After just three sessions, my knee was back to normal and it has not came back ever since. I give Dr. Jin my strongest recommendation. ~ G. W.


ARTHRITIS (chronic):

April 26, 2008
I would like to thank you for being able to help me in coping with hand arthritis through Acupuncture / Acupressure. Even with taking Valtaren, which reduces swelling, you have been able to reduce the swelling even more in my knees until there is almost none. The pain in my hands, especially in my left hand is almost gone and I again have the strength to pick up pots and pans and even lift my arms straight above my head! The damp, rainy days do not affect me nearly as much as they used to and I am able to walk the stairs with greater ease and no pain. ~ P. P.


ARTHRITIS (osteo-):

May 5, 2001
After receiving chiropractic treatments for over nine months, I was still having severe pain in my hip. Dr. Jin however was able to greatly improve the osteo-arthritis pain in my hip after only two months of treatment. People should not hesitate to try acupuncture treatments from Dr. Jin because his techniques are so gentle, painless yet effective. ~ S. K.


February 9, 2004
I've been suffering from asthma related symptoms for the past 3 years, tried everything from conventional medicine to various over the counter drugs but nothing has helped until I called up Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee from the phone book. Since then, I have received just 5 treatments from Dr. Jin and now I can honestly say, WHAT A FRESH OF BREATH OF AIR! Thank you so much, Dr. Jin! ~ B. W.


February 28, 2008
I had asthma and was getting worse by the day, and to the point where I can either choose to be on medications or try something different. I choose the later option and had excellent results so far in my 5th session, my condition is 99% improved. Dr. Jin has always helped me and I always refer him!  ~ J. B.


April 9, 2003
I was sick every year with bronchitis and very bad asthma. Over the past 10 years, it had become increasingly worse, up to the point where I was on steroid inhalers year round. My dosage had gone up and I was receiving less benefit from it. During the acupuncture treatment, I felt relaxed, calm, sleepy, and warm with the occasional cold tingling. After the treatment, I have not had any upper respiratory infections for the past year and a half. I am glad to report that I am now relatively asthma free!   ~ A. D.


February 28, 2005
I have been coming to Dr. Jin for many ailments over the years, he is my "personal" family doctor, and he always takes care of all of my health concerns. This time, I was suffering asthma and having trouble breathing and getting worse by day before coming to him, and after 3 visits, the nasal congestion is gone, I can breath normally again!    ~ M. B.


February 24 2008
My daughter (7 years old)
have had a tough time concentrate on her studies, and also have periodic memory problems. After seeing Dr. Jin for acupuncture and Amber for acupressure for 1 month, I am pleased with her results, her concentration was notably better during class and her teachers tells me she now gets better grades because of that!    ~ S. L.


December 20, 2008
My son was recently diagnosed with TIC disorder and unable to focus at school. After visiting with Dr. Jin, who was referred to me by my neurologist, I am happy to report that my son is doing much better. His nervous system is more balanced and he is able to concentrate on his studies at school and do not get too high or too low. ~ G. F.


November 24, 2008
I suddenly contracted Bell's Palsy while attending a meeting in Chicago 6 weeks ago, and  today, with the help of my acupuncturist Dr. Jin, I've been fully recovered. He and his staff is very professional. I admire his knowledge and intelligence of his profession. I feel very well taken care of!
 ~ R. S.


March 12, 2004
Half of my face was paralyzed, because of Bell's Palsy. After acupuncture treatments, my condition was significantly improved with each treatment, and now after several months of treatment, I am completely recovered. ~ K. K.


July 16, 2007
Our daughter, Francesca, was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Her symptoms were partial facial paralysis affecting the right side of her face (from the cheek to above right eyebrow and forehead). Francesca's progress was rapid and noticeable, beginning with our first treatment. After six to seven treatments, her appearance was nearly back to normal. 
 ~ M. S.


August 18, 2005
I suffered bell's palsy in my right side for 2 weeks prior coming to Ace Acupuncture and going under the care of Dr. Jin and his staff, it was very pleasant. I was put at ease about my conditions. Dr. Jin was very knowledgeable and helpful in everyway imaginable.
 ~ C. K.


April 2, 2009
I was struck with Bell's palsy suddenly on the left side of the face nearly 4 weeks ago, I began immediately with acupuncture, as I have previously heard from relatives that it works wonder for acute Bell's palsy. Now 4 weeks later, I found that indeed it is very helpful and I would recommend it to others with Bell's palsy. ~F. X


February 28, 2011
I have been treated with acupuncture for 10 sessions and have had excellent results. The doctors at Ace Acupuncture are all very knowledgeable and caring, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to refer them to my friends and family.
 ~ A. I.


August 9, 2002
My right elbow was suffering bursitis when being told by a MD specialist that the only option I had was surgery. This meant removing the tendon's point of attachment to the bone, reattaching it, and then rehabilitation. For four year, I couldn't get a half gallon of milk out of the fridge nor peel a banana without pain. I couldn't lift, couldn't canoe. No golf or tennis. The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Jin was his concern over my injury. His appointments were more like visiting with a friend than with a doctor. He was always extremely passionate at his services and accommodating, making me as comfortable as possible. Finally, my pain was getting the attention that it craved. His skill and caring were readily apparent.  ~ L. H.