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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

January 8, 2009

On my first visit to the clinic, you made me feel at ease and even very cheerful. The first treatment, I realized something was happening, I weighted 224 lbs before I came to you and after about 12 sessions of acupuncture, I have lost about 47 lbs. Thank you for your help! Now there is a brighter tomorrow.
~ G. J.


September 21, 2017
I have lost 20 lbs in just 3 weeks after taking acupuncture and herbal remedies from Dr. Jin at Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee. I highly recommended this way of losing weight because its natural, no side-effects and no weight rebound. I still do my regular exercise and watch my diet, but I think my choice to turn to Chinese Medicine was correct, as it have certainly helped me to achieve my dream of being slim, once again! ~ D. Y.