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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients
HOT FLASH (premenopausal/menopausal)

February 23, 2009
This is the fist time I tried acupuncture and I had a series of sessions (about 8) so far. I was very nervous about the treatment oat first, since it involved needles, but I am glad I stuck with it. The staff and Dr. Jin are very professional and I felt I was being well take care of. ~B. F.


April 17, 2003
Wow!! After I saw Dr. Jin last week, my night sweats and hot flashes were completely gone, amazing!  ~N. T.


April 24, 2009
After 1 dosage (20 days) of Chinese Herbal pills prescribed by Louis, my chronic (10+) years of constant mile hot flashes and night sweats were miraculously gone and have not been back since. Needlessly to say, I am very pleased.  ~R. B.