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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

September 12, 2008
I came to Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, but their acupuncture and herbal remedies helped to restore my health and energy. Amber is a wonderful doctor and I highly recommend her if you want special gentle techniques. ~M. V.


May 19, 2008
Dr. Amber Jin is a kind and compassionate healer. Her gentle sprit and intuitive approach facilitated a rapid emotional and physical healing. I had no idea that not only my puffy eyes and fatigued skin would take on a brighter and tighter appearance but that I would also be able to have an emotional clearing from past traumas and events. I would highly recommend Dr. Amber to anyone! She has helped give me an increased balance, wholeness and fulfillment that I was having trouble with trying to attain on my own. ~Y. S.


June 24, 2005
It was a whole new thought to me. But after reading an article in Newsweek about how acupuncture would be able to help naturally with face lifts, I truly believed it work, and it did work! After just one treatment from Ace Acupuncture, I could definitely see the improvement. A few visits later, I could definitely tell how those lines above the lips had practically disappeared. At 63, I did not want the trouble and risk associated with a face lift. Acupuncture achieved just what I was looking for. Even my skeptical husband noticed the fuller lips right away. Thanks again Ace Acupuncture! ~G. J.