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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

November 24, 2008
I suddenly contracted Bell's Palsy while attending a meeting in Chicago 6 weeks ago, and  today, with the help of my acupuncturist Dr. Jin, I've been fully recovered. He and his staff is very professional. I admire his knowledge and intelligence of his profession. I feel very well taken care of!
 ~ R. S.


March 12, 2004
Half of my face was paralyzed, because of Bell's Palsy. After acupuncture treatments, my condition was significantly improved with each treatment, and now after several months of treatment, I am completely recovered. ~ K. K.


July 16, 2007
Our daughter, Francesca, was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. Her symptoms were partial facial paralysis affecting the right side of her face (from the cheek to above right eyebrow and forehead). Francesca's progress was rapid and noticeable, beginning with our first treatment. After six to seven treatments, her appearance was nearly back to normal. 
 ~ M. S.


August 18, 2005
I suffered bell's palsy in my right side for 2 weeks prior coming to Ace Acupuncture and going under the care of Dr. Jin and his staff, it was very pleasant. I was put at ease about my conditions. Dr. Jin was very knowledgeable and helpful in everyway imaginable.
 ~ C. K.


April 2, 2009
I was struck with Bell's palsy suddenly on the left side of the face nearly 4 weeks ago, I began immediately with acupuncture, as I have previously heard from relatives that it works wonder for acute Bell's palsy. Now 4 weeks later, I found that indeed it is very helpful and I would recommend it to others with Bell's palsy. ~F. X