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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

February 9, 2004
I've been suffering from asthma related symptoms for the past 3 years, tried everything from conventional medicine to various over the counter drugs but nothing has helped until I called up Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee from the phone book. Since then, I have received just 5 treatments from Dr. Jin and now I can honestly say, WHAT A FRESH OF BREATH OF AIR! Thank you so much, Dr. Jin! ~ B. W.


February 28, 2008
I had asthma and was getting worse by the day, and to the point where I can either choose to be on medications or try something different. I choose the later option and had excellent results so far in my 5th session, my condition is 99% improved. Dr. Jin has always helped me and I always refer him!  ~ J. B.


April 9, 2003
I was sick every year with bronchitis and very bad asthma. Over the past 10 years, it had become increasingly worse, up to the point where I was on steroid inhalers year round. My dosage had gone up and I was receiving less benefit from it. During the acupuncture treatment, I felt relaxed, calm, sleepy, and warm with the occasional cold tingling. After the treatment, I have not had any upper respiratory infections for the past year and a half. I am glad to report that I am now relatively asthma free!   ~ A. D.


February 28, 2005
I have been coming to Dr. Jin for many ailments over the years, he is my "personal" family doctor, and he always takes care of all of my health concerns. This time, I was suffering asthma and having trouble breathing and getting worse by day before coming to him, and after 3 visits, the nasal congestion is gone, I can breath normally again!    ~ M. B.