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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

ARTHRITIS (rheumatoid):

January 23, 2004
Thank you so very much for your expertise in bringing my leg & hips back to normal. They have not bothered me since my last visit with you, I am getting along just fine and I am appreciate all of your help!  ~ R. G.


ARTHRITIS (acute):
November 13, 2003
I had acute arthritis in my knee about 6 months ago. There was redness all over the knee and it was swollen badly. It was so painful that I could hardly walk or stand. I went to see Dr. Jin and the experts at Ace Acupuncture. After the first treatment, my condition improved greatly. The swelling and redness was much less the second day, as was with the pain. After just three sessions, my knee was back to normal and it has not came back ever since. I give Dr. Jin my strongest recommendation. ~ G. W.


ARTHRITIS (chronic):

April 26, 2008
I would like to thank you for being able to help me in coping with hand arthritis through Acupuncture / Acupressure. Even with taking Valtaren, which reduces swelling, you have been able to reduce the swelling even more in my knees until there is almost none. The pain in my hands, especially in my left hand is almost gone and I again have the strength to pick up pots and pans and even lift my arms straight above my head! The damp, rainy days do not affect me nearly as much as they used to and I am able to walk the stairs with greater ease and no pain. ~ P. P.


ARTHRITIS (osteo-):

May 5, 2001
After receiving chiropractic treatments for over nine months, I was still having severe pain in my hip. Dr. Jin however was able to greatly improve the osteo-arthritis pain in my hip after only two months of treatment. People should not hesitate to try acupuncture treatments from Dr. Jin because his techniques are so gentle, painless yet effective. ~ S. K.