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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

February 23, 2009
The shoulder pain bothered me greatly in sleep, but I have had much progress once the treatments started and has had steady improvement ever since, right now I am almost 85% recovered and will need a few more sessions for complete recovery. Thank you Dr. Jin for all you do.
~ B. B.


September 5, 2008
The service was A+, the cost was A++, the professionalism of the staff was A+++, and the results were A++++, is there anything else to say?  ~ N. A.


April 5, 2003
I had severe pain from a frozen left shoulder and was unable to lift my arm due to limited range of motion. I saw another acupuncturist, but after a few treatments, he told me he couldn't help me. I changed acupuncturists and began seeing Dr. Jin. With each treatment, the pain and range of motion improved significantly. After perhaps six treatments, I was pain free with a near normal range of motion.  ~ B. G.

Acid Reflux

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

March 2, 2008
Since childhood I had a hard time eating certain types of foods. Progressively this became worse as I was growing up. When I was 21, I was able to eat a few grains, non fat food and some fruits. By age 23 I could not eat anything. I would go to the kitchen hungry and eat only a slice of bread or a bowl of cereal for lunch and dinner and I would be in severe pain. I had tried all possible medicines and treatments. I tried allopathic [medicine prescribed by a doctor], and homeopathy. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and was told that there were no treatments for it. I had gone through all possible GI tests. I suffered extreme fatigue. My weight fluctuated between 96 pounds  and 110 pound during the two years (my height is 5ft 10ins). My body was not absorbing the nutrients from food. I did not know that my problems were due to food allergies. I used to think that they were due to weak intestines, until one day my friend told me to contact Dr. Jin to see if acupuncture could help. I started the treatment at once a week. I could see the difference in my body immediately. I started becoming more energetic and gained a few pounds in a couple of weeks. It might not be too exciting but it was a big breakthrough for me as I was always losing weight steadily in the last 24 months. Most important of all, my abdominal pains stopped. My blood report showed that my cholesterol and protein went slightly high, which meant that my body was absorbing the nutrients. Right now I am not even half way through the treatment. Still, I can see how my body is responding to the treatments. I feel good when I eat non-allergic food for which I have been treated and keep away from allergic food. Thanks Dr. Jin.  ~ R. Z.

May 10, 2004
It was a great experience to finally receive acupuncture from a great doctor like Dr. Jin, he listened to my concerns and helped me with my IBS problem.  This was my first time trying acupuncture and it took about 8 sessions to feel like a new person.
~ J. C.


June 18, 2002
I had lots of small stones like sand in the gall bladder and bile duct. Surgery would only take the gall bladder out, but it would not take out the sandstones that were inside my liver's bile duct. I went to Dr. Jin. After several months of treatment, the stones came out continually, and six months later the ultrasound shows that most of the stones are gone. ~J. Z.


March 2, 2002
For three months I had been losing my hair. Dr. Jin treated me with acupuncture plus herbs. After five weeks, my hair started to grow, and about five months of treatment later my hair began to change back to its natural color. ~B. W.

HEADACHES (migraine)

HEADACHES (migraine):

March 6, 2008
I have suffered migraines for 6 years along with neck and shoulder pain. I was referred to Dr. Jin by a friend who had gotten relief from him for the same symptoms. After 3 sessions, I could feel a worldly of difference, and was able to functional normally without having to deal with the headaches. I am pleased with my results and I like and trust Dr. Jin. ~ O. E.


November 26, 2008
I have had chronic headaches for 20 plus years, and the last 10 years with severe migraines. After coming to acupuncture with Dr. Jin, I found that this is the single most effective treatment I have ever had for my symptoms. Acupuncture is saving my life!  ~ A. N.


July 31, 2003
I have been suffering from consistent migraine headaches with at least 1 onset per day for the past 5 years. I was referred by a friend (who was a patient of Dr. Jin) to try Acupuncture. After 4 acupuncture sessions, my migraine headaches onsets has been slowed down to an average of once a month. From the current progress,  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel where in the near future, my headaches will be completely gone. I highly recommend Acupuncture for migraine headaches because it helps to reduce my headache frequency.  ~ J. L.


February 4, 2000
I had severe migraines for more than 10 years. I had been seen several acupuncturists before, but my migraines were still there, and getting worse every year. The dose of pain pills was getting higher. One day, the migraine recurred and was so unbearable, so I went to my family doctor to get some pain pills, in his office, I saw a business card, which had Ace Acupuncture printed on it, and then my doctor ask me if I would be interested in trying acupuncture for my conditions, I  told him I have been several clinics before and none have done any tricks on me, then my family doctor said I should try again, this time with what he calls "one the best in the country", I figured it won't hurt to try one more. So after three sessions with Dr. Jin, the migraines were less and less and! I continued the treatment course for three more and no any migraines came back. I thank both my family doctor and Dr. Jin because if it wasn't for my family doctor, I wouldn't have known every acupuncturist is different.  ~ K. S.


HEADACHES (cluster):

January 8, 2009
I have had many years of cluster headaches and was treated for 4 months by Dr. Jin, so far I am pleased to report that I am doing much better with only a few and less painful onsets when I do have them.
 ~ P. J.


October 2, 2008
I feel better at 45 than I have ever felt as now I have more energy and much less pain. Prior to Acupuncture, my headaches were debilitating, and now I have been able to successfully go off of my headaches medicine I've taken for 10 years after seeing you Dr. Jin.  ~ S. S.


HEADACHES (tension):

February 12, 2002
I had a lot of tension headaches for the past 25 years; sometimes it occurs 3-4 times a week. After one acupuncture treatment course, now I hardly have them anymore. I'd say acupuncture worked 100% for me as I have had no headaches in the past 3 years after that treatment course. ~R. T.


May 9, 2002
My husband had swollen legs recently; and I brought him to the clinic for a free consultation. Dr. Jin asked my husband questions, checked his pulse and tongue. He said that it is most likely a heart problem. Then my husband went to our family doctor twice, did a few exams, and nothing was wrong. He didn’t want to have any treatments at that time because he thought he was fine. Three weeks later, one night, my husband felt extreme pain in the chest and went to the ER. They found out that he had heart failure. I am so surprised by Dr. Jin's excellent diagnosis knowledge. He is unbelievably good!  ~ C. A.

HOT FLASH (premenopausal/menopausal)

February 23, 2009
This is the fist time I tried acupuncture and I had a series of sessions (about 8) so far. I was very nervous about the treatment oat first, since it involved needles, but I am glad I stuck with it. The staff and Dr. Jin are very professional and I felt I was being well take care of. ~B. F.


April 17, 2003
Wow!! After I saw Dr. Jin last week, my night sweats and hot flashes were completely gone, amazing!  ~N. T.


April 24, 2009
After 1 dosage (20 days) of Chinese Herbal pills prescribed by Louis, my chronic (10+) years of constant mile hot flashes and night sweats were miraculously gone and have not been back since. Needlessly to say, I am very pleased.  ~R. B.

INFERTILITY (Female/Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

December 11, 2008
We were unable to achieve pregnancy for 3 years, then we found Ace Acupuncture, the clinic is very professional along with very caring practitioners. I felt that I was in great hands, and the forthcoming results should be fruitful too
! ~ B. C.


November 26, 2007
While seeing Dr. Jin for some problems with Carpal Tunnel, I noticed that he had references from other women regarding infertility. I had never had a normal menstruation cycle in my life and I had been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My doctor told me that it would be very difficult to get pregnant. My husband and I tried for a year to get pregnant before I went to Dr. Jin. I had 6 treatments in 3 weeks and immediately my menstruation cycle started to regulate. Within 2 months I became pregnant and we are expecting our first child in March. Thank you Dr. Jin for making our dream of having a baby possible! ~ A. D.


December 24, 2006
Dr. & Mrs. Jin,

Thank you for all of your help this year in making our baby dreams come true!

~P. & A. D.

November 11, 2006
Thank you Dr. Jin for making our dream a reality. We know we could not achieve this miracle of joy without your help and support.  ~Z. & Y. G.


July 6, 2006
Dear Dr. Jin:  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the help you've given me in helping me achieve a pregnancy. In September, 2005 I came to see you because I was going to have a donor embryo transferred into my uterus. Your acupuncture treatments helped relax my uterus and put me into a state of mind that would allow an embryo to implant. I am happy to say that I became pregnant and had a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl on her due date of June 7, 2006. She weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. I  have enclosed a picture for you to view. Again, I thank you for all of your help. I truly believe that the acupuncture helped me achieve a successful pregnancy.  Sincerely,      ~J. & M. V.

May 20, 2006
Dr. Jin, Our little miracle has arrived!  Our son was born on May 4th, 2006. He was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 19 inches long. He is absolutely perfect!  Thank you so much for all of your help. You truly made me believe that I could get pregnant and look what happened! Thanks again for everything. You have helped bring pure joy to our lives.  
~ T. & B. P.


October 06, 2005
It was truly a miracle, tried one session of acupuncture, the Friday after I was pregnant, after trying by ourselves for sometime  ~ N. and J. L.


January 19, 1999
After meeting with you in last February (1998) to treat infertility. We had a healthy baby boy on Nov, 16, 1998. Thank you for your treatments and fine advice!  
~ E. & T. D.


July 7, 1997
Dear Dr. Jin, It is our pleasure to make you aware of the birth of our daughter on May 27th. She is truly a blessing. I don't know if you still remember me, but I came to you for infertility in May of last year (1996). Thank you for making her a possibility. Your confidence in our pregnancy was fulfilled.  
~ A.& M. M.


January 2, 2008
Dear Dr. Jin: We want to thank you for helping us with our battle with infertility. We tried to become pregnant for 2.5 years without success. We had just begun to look into our medical options when a friend referred us to Ace Acupuncture Clinic. The treatment was fast and painless. Deciding on using acupuncture was the BEST decision we ever made.   Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!.
~ S. & T. G.



September 22, 1996
We were struggling with malefactor infertility for about three years. After reading Dr. Jin's article on the positive effects of acupuncture on male infertility, we started coming in for acupuncture treatments in parallel with conventional treatment. Two months after the acupuncture treatments, we saw significant improvements in the lab results. That same month my wife got pregnant! We are very grateful to Dr. Jin for helping us achieve pregnancy. His caring personality and knowledge in Chinese medicine and acupuncture did make a difference. ~ D. & T. C.


August 3, 2008
I had insomnia for over 6 years, and since I came to Ace Acupuncture, now I fall asleep quickly and sleep longer than ever, it feels great to be able to sleep again!  ~ M. R.


October 10, 2008
I've always been a light sleeper and easily to be awakened with any little noises, but ever since I visited with Dr. Jin and taken some "sleeping" herbs, I now sleep like a baby every night.  ~ L. K.

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