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Testimonials from Dr.Jin's Patients

November 14, 2003
I have had shingles for four aching months, but I was referred to you via my sister in law in Germany. I felt really good after just 1 session, amazing! I also want to thank you and your staff for your excellent services, the way you treated your patients is second to none! Your honesty gave me hope of relieving my pain in a short amount of time, Thank you Dr. Jin for healing my nerves that were really badly damaged by the shingles. 
 ~ L. K.


August 28, 2008
I've had a history of sinus problems for 8-9 years along with various allergies. I've had about a dozen acupuncture treatments so far. My symptoms included intense pain under the eyes and in the forehead. The pain radiated down into the cheek bone. Western medicine, etc did very little to help my pain, then I was referred to Dr. Jin via a friend, who also had her sinusitis cleared up by the same doctor.  After the treatments, I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. I appreciate the kind, caring attention and the sharing of knowledge in regard to my questions. ~ C. B. 


March 29, 2006
I've had sinus for many years, but ever since after receiving acupuncture treatments at your clinic, I've felt wonderful with no sinus onsets at all, I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to get rid of their ugly sinusitis problems!  ~ D. A.


October 28, 2008
I injured my knee in May 2002. For the next five months I was in constant pain. During treatment, I experienced energy flow, twitching, tingling, and warm feelings. The pain lessened almost immediately, and within the time frame of my treatments, I gained back most of the use of my knee and had no more pain ~H.U.


March 5, 2004
Dr. Jin, you are my HERO! I couldn't have had this much results in so little time  without your help. I feel so relaxed after each session that I simply don't want to go home. ~ K. W.


February 22, 2008
I smoked two packs a day for 35 years and I need to quit due to health reasons. I have tried to quit before but none of other methods (nicotine gums, laser therapy, pills, etc) could work. Since I came to acupuncture with Dr. Jin, he has helped me to stop smoking, and changed my quality of life. At the first visit, I was given acupuncture inside my ear as well as some needles on the body. Then I began to take a special herbal tea that could help me control the cravings. Dr. Jin explained to me that I only needed 3-4 sessions to see results, with the first two visits to help with my withdrawal and the other sessions  for cleansing my lungs. I followed Dr. Jin's instructions and drank the tea when I craved for cigs. So far I haven't felt the need to smoke as a result of Dr.  Jin treatment!! I highly recommend Dr. Jin if you need to quit smoking naturally, and quickly. His compassion and personality puts you at ease and you shall enjoy a  very relaxed smoking-cessation experience.  ~ N. A.


July 19, 2002

O my gosh, I have not been able to pick up the sock with my right toe since I had a stroke 3 years ago, now I could after acupuncture from you.  ~ B. H.


November 8, 2000

After my stroke, Acupuncture was suggested to me to restore movement to my affect left side. I credit Acupuncture by Dr. Jin for restoring movement in my left arm, left hand and finger. I find that Acupuncture has helped me maintaining my health and increasing my mobility ... ~ V. G.


TENDONITIS (Acute Achilles):

September 30, 2008
I had tendonitis in the hip for the last 4-5 months, and the pain in the hip especially when sitting down. After hearing from one of my co-workers that Dr. Jin can help with TCM, I came to get treatment, needless to say, I was very pleased with the treatment, explanations and outcome. I have already recommended Dr. Jin to several friends.
~M. C.


October 3, 2003
Being an avid armature Basketball player, I workout in the gym daily. But one day, as I jumped for a rebound, I fell on the ground  and immediately felt sharp pain in my right leg. I was later diagnosed as acute Achilles Tendonitis and  went to a chiropractor, and then a PT but all with no results. Then I was referred to Dr. Jin by my brother, who was mentioned as a top acupuncturist in the state on treating sports injuries and many sports celebrities were cured by him. So I went to see him, and after just the 2nd session, I am feeling 90% better, the pain went down from a rating of 10 to a 2, It's amazing and you gotta check it out if you have similar sports injuries or pains. I only wish I had found out about acupuncture sooner!  ~J. P.


TENDONITIS (Shoulder):

October 23, 2008
I had severe pain in my shoulder blades that was diagnosed as shoulder tendonitis, after my third session of treatment, the pain dramatically reduced, now I can say I am much improved and highly recommend acupuncture for shoulder tendonitis!  ~S. S.


April 03, 2011

Before I visited your clinic, both of my arms hurt so much that I could barely use it to drive my car. And now, both arms feel great, back to normal, and I can do anything with them, again! Your treatment has saved me much pain, and probably saved a lot of lost work time. ~ R. A.


December 16, 2000
For the past years I have suffered from a condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia ... The treatments I have been receiving at Ace Acupuncture from Dr. Jin since Sept 1996, have resulted in my pain being under control.  ~ S. P.


March 3, 2015
Amazing, truly amazing, my chronic vertigo disappeared after the first session. I can now jump out of bed in the morning! I want to thank Dr. Jin and his caring staff so much. I'm very grateful for his knowledge and kindness.  ~T. A.

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