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Book Review from Prof. Kuai-Shan Zheng, OMD, Honorary President of Ganshu Acupuncture Society
By Prof. Kuai-Shan Zheng

“This book is comprehensive and refreshing, the presenting structure is pedagogical and logical, the examples are detailed and accurate, the text is often accompanied by many tables and graphs, the writings are smooth and clear, and its recommended methods are simple and practical. No doubt that the publication of this authoritative book will promote development of field of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy, and have a profound influence on the information exchange between oriental and western medicine. It will certainly be a useful reference for anyone engaging in academic study, scientific research and clinic practice with acupuncture.”

                              - Prof. Kuai-Shan Zheng, OMD
 Honorary Chair of Dept of Acupuncture,  Ganshu College of TCM,
                 Honorary  President of  Ganshu Acupuncture Society. 
                      Board Member of China Acupuncture Society