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Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, a Humbled Visionary Leading the Way on the Globalization of Acupuncture
By Bai Xiaoyun

 October 28, 2004

Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, a Humbled Visionary Leading the Way
on the Globalization of Acupuncture
(Source: 10-27-2004, Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

(Reported by Bai Xiaoyun)


On October 21, a seminar on the Globalization of Acupuncture from the Publication of “Clinical Reflexology of Acupuncture and Moxibustion” was held at the Institute for Acupuncture Research, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by the China Acupuncture Society. Keynote speaker was Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, the author of “Clinical Reflexology of Acupuncture and Moxibustion”. The seminar was presided by a group of 20 or so distinguished experts in acupuncture and TCM from China including Prof. Weiheng Li, Vice President and Secretary General of China Acupuncture Society; Prof. Bin Zhu, Vice President of Institute for Acupuncture Research, China Academy of TCM; Profs. Qinguo Liu & Baixiao Zhao, Associate Deans of the College of Acupuncture at Beijing University of TCM, Prof. Shoukang Lu, Director of Basic Science at the College of Acupuncture, Prof. Pengtao Li, Associate Dean of the College of Basic Sciences; as well expert representatives from various local TCM Hospitals and Institutions

The book "Clinical Reflexology of Acupuncture and Moxibustion", totaling 412 pages in hardcover and with more than 20 full-color image inserts and 760,000 Chinese characters is published by Beijing Science & Technology Press in May of 2004. It utilizes the theories of modern medicine to categorize, summarize and develop the traditional theories of meridians and acupuncture. By applying the viewpoint of modern holistic Reflexology, this book concluded that the meridians are systems of physiological and pathological reflexes in the body; acupuncture therapy is actually a type of reflexotherapies.  It gives a new vision into the classical therapy and the theory of meridians, as well as has established a bridge between them and contemporary medicine. This book encompasses a rich collection of scientific achievements and clinical expertise in the field, ancient and modern, domestic or abroad, especially of the authors over three decades. By clarifying the essentials of the meridians and exploring various technical theories in acupuncture, it analyzes the challenges of using them to treat tough cases of common indications and proposes various detailed solutions to increase the clinical effectiveness. Thus, it is a very practical and useful reference book for acupuncturists, as well as an ideal textbook for Western medical professionals who want to learn and integrate the therapy. This book has been honored as a milestone for developing contemporary acupuncture.

As the principal author of this book, Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, L.Ac., President of Society of Chinese American Professors & Scientists (SoCAPS), President of International Institute of Holistic Medicine (IIHM) is an internationally renowned clinical acupuncturist, neurophysiologist and chronobiologist and serves on the State Acupuncture Advisory Committee of Wisconsin. During the late 1960s', Dr. Jin apprenticed under Dr. Mian-Zhai Jiao in Shandong, PRC, who was one of four “Acupuncture Legends” in the modern China. In 1988, Dr. Jin actively participated in founding the Chinese Chronobiology and Chronomedicine Society and served as an Executive Director of the Society for many years. In 1982, Dr. Jin graduated with MS and MD of Physiology from the Dept of Physiology of the College of Medicine at Zheijiang University (Formerly known as Zhejiang Medical University, PRC) and has done countless researches in fields of neurophysiology with acupuncture, the mechanism of acupuncture anesthesia and later became an Associate Professor of Physiology at the same university. After coming to U.S in 1990, Dr. Jin completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin and found the International Institute of Holistic medicine and affiliated Ace acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee. Dr. Jin has an extensive publication track with over 80 referred journal publications and 15 academic or medical books in Chinese and English.

Near the end of the seminar, the experts in attendance all agreed that Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin’s research has strong meaning in grabbing an important aspect of controlling the acupuncture effects and the therapy’s randomness. Everyone agreed that the book is an authoritative and novel text with in-depth discussion on how to raise the effectiveness of acupuncture and repeatability and should be highly recommended to clinical acupuncturists and researchers alike. “The work of Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin was truly visionary and remarkable, the acupuncture theory may never be the same again!” said one attendant as he exited the seminar in rejoice. Indeed, in fact, many people share the same notion, it was reported in the media of Midwest of USA that Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin was often quoted as “Magic Needle” because of his success in and out of the clinic, helping each patient he treats to maximum results with only short duration of treatment sessions. The book since its publication has already generated a critically-acclaimed publicity with multiple positive book reviews by the experts of Acupuncture and TCM, with comments like “This is arguably one the best Acupuncture books written in the recent 5 decades”; “Authoritative modern textbook in the making”; “The lifeline for ones looking to climb up the peak of success in Acupuncture”. As he was being honored for his tremendous accomplishments in the field of Acupuncture and TCM, he could have just basked in the glory, but Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin remained humble and appreciative. When one reporter from the state TV station asked how Dr. Jin’s leading role helped to obtain proclamations for Oct 24 as “Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day” issued by the Governor of Wisconsin and Mayor of Milwaukee, Dr. Jin simply replied: “It is nothing compared to the hard work put in by my fellow colleagues every day to promote the awareness and benefits of Acupuncture and TCM to the public, I was just doing my part to help out the cause”. Well put, Dr. Jin!