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Pre-publication REVIEWs from Frances Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN Associate Professor of Nursing
By Frances Fischbach

“To create a textbook of acupuncture that includes both classic and modern theories and therapy is a formidable task. The authors can rightly lay claim to the premier position held by this textbook as the most authoritative and current source of information about acupuncture, the meridian, and the whole body reflex zones, a unique term originally coined by the authors. As a respected resource, it has covered the key concepts and topics that acupuncture practitioners and students will experience in their studies and working environment. The beginning part introduces readers to the current challenges and modernization of acupuncture therapy and its scientific bases, as well as acquaint with the concepts of meridians, the whole body reflex zones, and reflexotherapy. The later part explains the systemic or cybernetic method including the black box theory and its applications in guiding clinical acupuncture and raising curative effects, as there may be an uncertain outcome. The last part describes the indications of acupuncture, their treatment, and rehabilitation. Advanced students will learn how to choose acupoints and use appropriate techniques to attain optimal acupuncture effects. Acceptance of acupuncture as both an art and a science helps to create an integrating link between oriental medicine, contemporary medicine, and the principles of holistic care, thus fostering the well-being, the care, and the cure of patients worldwide.”


Frances Talaska Fischbach, RN, BSN, MSN
Associate Professor of Nursing
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Author of A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests