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Foreword from Shi-Jiang Li, PhD. Professor of Biophys. Medical College of Wisconsin
By Shi-Jiang Li, PhD,

"...Despite the growing interest and demand for knowledge about acupuncture, there is a profound lack of availability of reference textbooks. Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin has stepped forward to meet this need by writing Contemporary Medical Acupuncture. Medical students and practitioners will find this book unique in that it introduces the principles of contemporary medicine as a means of understanding the mechanisms of an ancient therapy. It lends insight into its theoretical basis by summarizing and reviewing the advances regarding the meridians and specific mechanisms. Dr. Jin concludes that the former is simply a system of physiological and pathological reflexes in the body and that acupuncture is actually a type of reflexotherapy. By utilizing the systems theory, he outlines the entire acupuncture process and the specific factors that elicit acupuncture’s therapeutic effectiveness. The book’s emphasis on clinical applications is particularly valuable in that he provides case studies and the latest clinical trials in the West.

I believe that this book will significantly advance the clinical practice of acupuncture because its cutting-edge material will promote academic research in the area of acupuncture mechanisms. Because of Dr. Jin’s work, and others like him, acupuncture will progress from an ancient healing art to a modern scientific therapy in the West, and across the globe."

 Shi-Jiang Li, PhD
Professor of Biophysics
 Medical College of Wisconsin, USA