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Drs. Jin's Select Publications

Out of 23 Books: 

  • Jin GY: Wellness in Sickness-Novel Disease-Fighting Strategies. China Science & Technology Press, Beijing, PRC, 2012
  • Jin GY: The Spell of Hypertension. China Science & Technology Press, Beijing, PRC, 2011
  • Jin GY, Xiang JJ, and Jin L: Contemporary Medical Acupuncture - A Systems Approach,
    Springer-Verlag, USA & Higher Education Press, PRC, 2007
  • Jin GY, Xiang JJ, and Jin L: Clinical Reflexology of Acupuncture & Moxibustion. Beijing
    Science & Technology Press, Beijing, PRC, 2004
  • Jin GY, Jin L, and Xiang JJ: Self-Healing with Chinese Medicine, International Institute of
    Holistic Medicine, Milwaukee, USA, 2004
  • Jin GY, Jin L, and Xiang JJ: The Art and Science of Acupuncture, International Institute
    of Holistic Medicine, Milwaukee, USA, 2007  
  • Jin GY, Xiang JJ: Elderly Conceive in USA. North Mountain Cultural Press, Shangxi, China, 2004
  • Jin GY, Xiang JJ, and Jin L: Atlas of Whole Body Reflex Zones. International Institute of Holistic Medicine,
    Milwaukee, USA, 1998
  • Jin GY, Xiang JJ: Contemporary Chronomedicine, Hunan Science & Technology Press, Changsa, Hunan, PRC, 1993
  • Jin GY: Biological Clock and Health, Fujian Science & Technology Press, Fuzhou, Fujian, PRC, 1988
  • Jin GY, Bao WJ: Acupuncture and Cybernetics, Science Committee of Xihu District Press, Hangzhou, PRC, 1978.
  • Jin GY: Mechanisms on Neural Regulation of the Body Temperature and its Clinical Application, Physiological and  Clinical Aspects on the Autonomic Nervous System, P257-P282, People’s Hygiene Press,Beijing, PRC, 1993
  • Jin GY: Keys to Intelligence: The Best Method of Learning, Shanxi Science & Technology Press, Xi'an, PRC, 1986
  • Jin GY, Cheng GX, Wang XJ: Lab Guidance for Physiology, Zhejiang Medical Univ. Press, Zhejiang, PRC, 1988  
  • Jin SS, Zheng XM and Jin GY: Cybernetic Chemistry and its Application, Zhejiang Univ. Press, Zhejiang, PRC, 2000
  • Jin  GY, Xiang JJ: Series 1-3: Overseas Doctors Perspectives, Chongqing Press, Chongqing, PRC, 2000

 Out of 100 Papers:

  • Jin GY: Ponders and Solutions in Validating and Raising Acupuncture Efficacy in the Treatment of Stroke (Apoplexy). Proc. Intl. Acup. Congress and 20th Anniversary of Foundation of WFAS. Beijing, PRC, p423, 2007
  • Jin GY, Jin L, and Xiang JJ: Treating Intractable Diseases with “Multiple Needles at a Single Acupoint”. Proc. Intl. Seminar on the Diagnosis and Treatment with TCM. Hangzhou, PRC, p308, 2004
  • Jin GY: Acupuncture - A Perspective of Reflexology. Symp. Proc. Intl. Conf. of Trad. Med., Beijing, PRC, p359, 2000
  • Jin GY: Scientific Essence of Qigong. Symp. Proc. Intl. Conf. of Trad, Med., Beijing, PRC, p515, 2000
  • Jin GY: Reflexology: Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Holistic Reflexology, J. Reflexology, PRC, 39:30, 1999
  • Jin GY: Distribution Rules of Acupoints. Proc. Intl. Congress of TCM & Qigong. p40, San Francisco, USA, 1990
  • Jin GY: Analysis of 31 Cases of Acupuncture Shock. Jiangxi J. TCM, PRC, 2:62, 1981
  • Jin GY: Treatment of 79 Cases of Lower Back Pain and Sciatica with Crossed Needling on Symmetrical Points of the Body. J. Barefoot Doctor, PRC, 10:15, 1977
  • Jin GY: Clinical Application of Needling Yifeng Point. Huxing County Arch. Med. and Hygiene, PRC, 8:31, 1976
  • Jin GY: Treatment of Neurogenic Headache with Imbedding Ear Needles. J. TCM, PRC, 10:37, 1975
  • Jin GY: Introduction of Effects of Imbedding Ear Needles on 36 Cases of Insomnia. J. TCM, PRC, 7:20, 1974
  • Jin GY: Introduction of Acupuncture Therapy of Postpartum Retention of Urine. J. TCM, PRC, 4:39, 1974
  • Jin GY, Li SJ, Moulder JE, Raleigh JA: Dynamic Measurements of Hexafluoromisonidazole (CCI-103F)
    Retention in Mouse Tumors by 1H/19F Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Intl. J. Radiat. Biol., USA, 6:1025, 1990
  • Jin GY, Zhang RB: Atrial Arrhythmia Induced by Stimulation of Different Areas of Hypothalamus in Rabbits. Acta.   Physiol. Sinica, PRC, 35:440, 1983
  • Jin GY, Shi WY, Xu Q, Zhou XH, Zhang RB: The Arrhythmia and Pressor Response Induced by Stimulation of the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus in Rabbits. ibid, 38:166, 1986
  • Jin GY, Zhang RB: Variation of Bregma and Correction of Stereotaxic Localization in Rabbit Brain. ibid, 40:410, 1988
  • Jin GY, Shi WY, Zhang RB: Effects of Acute Increases in Afterload on Genesis of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Rabbits. 
    J. Appl. Physiol, PRC, 4:213,1988
  • Jin GY: Recent Advances in the Research of Sleep-promoting Substances. Prog. Physiol. Sci., PRC, 18(2):171, 1987
  • Jin GY: Synaptic Plasticity and Mechanisms of Study and Memory. ibid, 2:148, 1989
  • Jin GY: Mechanisms on Neural Regulation of the Body Temperature and its Clinical Application, Physiol. & Clinical Aspects on the Autonomic Nervous System, p257-p282, People’s Hygiene Press, Beijing, PRC, 1993
  • Jin GY: Progress on the Study of Molecular Mechanisms of Parasympathetic Control of the Heart. J. Foreign Med. (Section of Physiology, Pathology and Clinic), 4:189,1986
  • Jin GY, Shi WY, Zhang RB: Comparison of Arrhythmias Elicited from the two Halve of Hypothalamus in Rabbits.
    J. Zhejiang Medical Univ., 5:10, 1986
  • Jin GY: Arrhythmia Induced by Electrical Stimulation of Hypothalamus. ibid, 2:95, 1984
  • Jin GY: Sympathetic-Parasympathetic Interaction in the Heart. ibid, 6:275, 1986
  • Jin GY: Hypertension and central nervous system.  J. Zhejiang Medicine, 6(6):39, 1984