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Holistic Diagnostics
TCM Diagnostics Patterns
TCM Diagnostics Patterns
TCM Diagnostics Patterns
  • Healthy

  • Yin Deficiency

  • Yang Deficiency

  • Qi Deficiency

  • Phlegm

  • Specific (Allergic)

  • Dampness

  • Blood Stagnation

  • Blood Deficiency

Holistic Diagnostics

       In order to dertermine your physical costitution or get a right pulse on your disorders, TCM physicians or acupuncturists often perform pulsing and tougne diagnosis. Generally, with purchaching of any herbs at our clinic, you can receoive a complementary FREE manual pulsing and/or tougne diagnosis.  If needed, an advanced holistic diagnosis by computer will be suggested at a discounted rate.

      Tongue and pulse diagnosis are two primary parts of TCM diagnostic procedures. In terms of TCM, certain holistic indexes of the body, such as Yin/Yang, heat/cold, defficiency/excess, and external/internal, as well as Qi, blood and visceral states can be assessed through reading the tongue and feeling the pulse plus some relevant health history.

    Tongue diagnosis checks the appearances of the tongue essence, shape, quality, color and its coating condition, which are particularly sensitive to show changes of cardiovascular and digestive functions.

    Pulse diagnosis is based on the strength, rhythm, and quality of the pulse at the both wrists, which corresponds to the energy levels of twelve meridians and internal organs.  Modern studies about the pulse analysis have demonstrated certain relationship between the pulse patterns and cardiac output, BP, and blood viscosity, etc. In other words, the appearances of the tongue and wrist pulses may reflect certain physiological or pathological holistic information of the body. Their detection is convenient and beneficial for assisting diagnose of certain illnesses.


Advantages of the Holistic Check-up by Computerized Programs

  • Integrative reflections of the body conditions
  • Some earlier signs than by physical check-up
  • Indicating the recovery process of illnesses
  • Guide to TCM holistic care including acupuncture, Chinese herbology & qigong


As a holistic check up, the computerized pulsing diagnosis has following advanced feutures:

  •  Provising more objective signes or indications
  •  Consistent and repeatable measurements
  •  Easier to compare any changes of pulsing patterns before and after treatments or with time