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Ease Your Concerns about Acupuncture
If you are a tough case

If you are a tough-case and have experienced acupuncture with other acupuncturist without any improvement, Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin, the head of our acupuncture team is worth the money for you to make another try. For many years, many patients with tough illnesses considered Dr. Jin, the world-wide distinguished acupuncture master, as their last resort. After some dedicated sessions from Dr. Jin, many of them respond to acupuncture successes, some either recovered gradually or avoided unwanted invasive surgeries (refer to words from our patients). Due to his unique integrated knowledge, expertise, and technique, such as Acu-reflexology innovated by him,  Dr. Jin often will have a customized, complete novel treatment strategy or plan for you with amazing results. In to get Dr. Jin's care, many patients came here through driving hundred miles or even flying from remote residence.   As a top acupuncturist, Dr. Jin's notion is that “Highest Success with Least Sessions”.  There is a common saying among Dr. Jin's patients,  "If acupuncture can help you, Dr. Jin certainly can, otherwise, your need not try acupuncture any more".