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Dr.Jin's Acu-Reflex Therapy
Dr.Jin's Acu-Reflex Therapy

The adoption of the term reflex zones instead of the meridians has many advantages in at least the following aspects.

a.    It may rationally categorize and clarify main efficacies of acupoints located on the entire body surface, and simplify the complex meridian system. Distribution of reflex zones is regular and easily identified, as well as corresponds to the anatomical terms in contemporary medicine.

b.    It develops concepts that an acupoint is not a spot but an area and that a meridian is not a line but a zone. In addition, it provides an approximate range in locating reflex points quickly. 

c.    It may demystify the hypothesis of homotherapy with heteromeridian and heterotherapy with homomeridian and the notion about the meeting points.

d.    It discards certain fictions of the meridian theory, such as the notion that LI and SI distributed on the upper limb are obviously mistaken because reflex zones for both large and small intestines are distributed on the lower limb instead of the upper limb.