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Ace Oriental Herbal Clinic
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Dr. Jin' Acupuncture/Herbal Clinics

Why Choose Dr. Jin's Ace Acupuncture/Herbal Clinics?

1. Highest Success with Most Experience TCM Doctors.  Our Doctors of TCM are renowned in the world, and one of the the most experienced in the Midwest. For example, the clinics' director of care, Dr. Guan-Yuan Jin has over 48 years of clinical experience, and have treated over 150,000 patients with acupuncture and other TCM modalities, most achieving excellent results within only 2-4 sessions of treatment. Acupuncture is a blend of art and science. Due to its larger art component, a provider of TCM with more expertise usually achieve better results than those with less years of training.

2. Unique Acupuncture/TCM Techniques. Dr. Jin's higher success rates is based on his unique acupuncture/TCM techniques. Don’t be fooled into thinking that every acupuncture provider uses the same techniques. Dr. Jin is one of the world's leading experts in the field of acupuncture and TCM and developed several novel acupuncture needling techniques, some (e.g. Acu-reflex therapy) are outlined from one of his highly acclaimed peer-reviewed books "Contemporary Medical Acupuncture "(
Springer-Verlag, USA & Higher Education Press, PRC, Beijing, 2007). In addition, Dr.Jin is a pioneer developing the computerized pulsing diagnostics in the world.

3. Greater Savings with Least Sessions.
When treating patients, Dr. Jin's mantra has always been achieving miraculous results with the least possible sessions (in least possible cost-effective time). Do this simple math if you will:
A patient with prolong health conditions that may require a lesser acupuncturist who charges a much lower rate but may require many more treatments to achieve the results that the patient want will save more time and money if he/she began with a more experenece acupuncturist like Dr. Jin who may charge a higher rate but can achieve the same or better results in minimal treatments.  Hence the formula: Least Sessions = Greater Savings!

4. Excellent Value with Extra Services. We always strive to provide the most compassionate care possible to our patients, your not a number to us but an individual and we will take the time and explain everything clearly. As we treat the root of the diseases, not just the symptoms. Beside acupuncture, Dr. Jin often offers individual lifestyle guidance, such as related behavioral therapy including Chinese dietotherapy and physical exercises without any extra charges. Dr. Jin is the author of the book "Wellness in Sickness- Novel Disease-Fighting Strategies" (China's Science & Technology Press, Beijing, PRC, 2012) and does frequent lectures about this topic internationally.

5. Integrated Medical Expertise Second to None. Acupuncture is a type of external therapy. It's success is not related with correct diagnosis and determination of the cause. Dr. Jin was a former neurologist, cardiologist, and physiologist back in China before he came to U.S.. Integrated medical knowledge makes him stand in the frontier of TCM modernization. He and his collaborators in China are innovating a new form of medicine called "Systems Medicine".

6. Flexible Arrangement, NO Contract. Patients can either have a single or a series sessions of acupuncture tailored to their conditions or financial budget. We are not like some others clinics where certain numbers of sessions are required and sometimes even locked in a contract. Your freedom of treatment is important to us. At at point, you can stop and resume your treatment.


So, if you have a desire to seek acupuncture service, simple call us at (414)438-9488 (North/Main Office)  or (414) 774-3053 (West Allis clinic) to schedule your FREE initial consultation!


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